Decisions, Decisions

Good Heavens! I went in to the interview more nervous than I had been in a long while. No job interview can compare. I called my mom on the way (not even going to pretend to lie about that) and told her I was going to vomit! Not from performance anxiety or a concern for success, but instead because I wanted it so badly. There is already so much of me and my hopes invested in this opportunity.

Not an hour after I had left the interview I got an email from my recruiter with not one, but two possible nominations: Eastern Europe or Sub-Saharan Africa. Oi, decisions will be the death of me. My thought process went a little something like this:

A visual aid for my decision making process. This actually happens a lot.

A visual aid for my decision making process. This actually happens a lot.

My heart is screaming to go to Africa. To really explore the outer reaches of my boundaries and push the proverbial envelope. There is a lot more involved but, hey, that’s why I’m here, to really experience a whole new world (yes, yes I did go there).

While Africa is doing a little dance to get my attention my ever present practical side is looking at the job requirements. Eastern Europe is looking for someone who has “leadership development, planning and project management implementation, and youth and community outreach experience.” I think I just found a new way to spell my name and that’s it. I love the idea of being able to bring my already existing skill set into the equation, to build and hone that skill set to extreme circumstances and really maximize the breadth of my possible impact.

Yeah, ultimately Eastern Europe did a song and dance to get me to sway my mind even while my heart leaped for Africa. Honestly, first world problems. In the end I may or may not go to Europe, they could send me somewhere completely different and I am a-ok with that possibility. That’s one of the reasons I signed up. The varying life experiences, learning to really be able to roll with the punches. As I said probably 20 times during my interview: Let’s do this.

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