And Then…

So, I just got my formal nomination in the mail today. Or, I suppose yesterday.

Program Name:
English Teaching
Tentative Departure Date:
May 2013
Eastern Europe

It goes on to tell me that since the procedures of the application process are changing that I will effectively be in a holding pattern until August. Patience is not one of my stronger virtues.
In August I’m supposed to get a Health History Form so that I can fill that out and they can decide I’m not a sickly creatures too delicate to travel. Once that happens the medical folks review it and see if I’m pre-qualified. After that I get a legal review related to marital status, financial obligations, previous arrests and convictions,dependents, etc.
Not going to lie, all the rigmarole makes me a little nervous but I guess if I just keep doing exactly what they ask me to do I’ll be just fine.

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