Inordinate Excitement

Every time I get so much as a peep from the Peace Corps my heart leaps in to my throat and my stomach drops to the floor. I have to read and re-read the emails just to be sure I’ve covered all of the important points. It’s getting a bit silly, really. The longer I have to wait the more anxious and exuberant I get. All the information warned on the length of the process. It all mentioned that it would test the bounds of patience. It seems like no matter how full I pack my days I’m still staring at an invisible clock on the wall counting down the hours. It’s really quite dangerous. I don’t even know for sure that I’ll receive an Invitation. I don’t know for sure where they would send me.

The good news: I got an email today from the Peace Corps saying that starting August 1 I’m back on. I should be getting an email from the newly designed application system. I’ll fill out this Health History Form and we’ll go from there.

Also good news, I PASSED THE LEGAL SCREENING!!! Not that I was all that worried, but c’mon, it’s the FBI, they’re scary. I figure that was the biggest obstacle and now I’m free and clear on that front.

And the final bit of good news, my current tutoring at Project Read is going so well. I work with my learner about once a week and then we go to a book club hosted by Project Read once a month. In addition to that I will be starting up tutoring kids with Back on Track come mid-August. I’m hoping all of that will result in a damn good resume for the official board in DC when they do the final review.