An Inch At A Time

It’s really a good thing I have a degree in theatre. I have more than mastered the art of hurry up and wait after years of 14 hour tech rehearsals. I applied to join the Peace Corps in January of this year. We are well into November and I have yet to receive an invitation.

For an update on what has happened:

I got an email from the Medical Applicant Portal saying that I have been preliminarily medically cleared to serve in the Peace Corps. Which is phenomenal. I mean, whoa. So. What happens now? Well, my application goes to the Placement Board in DC for final review. After they review I will get the thumbs up or down.

Do it... Give me a thumbs UP...

Do it… Give me a thumbs UP…

So, then what happened? Alright, so then I got an email from the Peace Corps Placement Office in D.C. requesting that I update my resume to their specifications and answer a short questionnaire. She asked that I return the email within two weeks but that one week would be preferable. I nearly laughed aloud. I sent her a reply the same day. I can’t imagine someone not responding same day! I even had multiple people proof my answers and still sent it back same day.

I am one step away from being able to begin planning the next part of my life. I’m hoping that the Placement Board will be an easy hurdle to jump.

Seriously. Going to die of anticipation.

Seriously. Going to die of anticipation.

I feel like I’ve been in this awful holding pattern for months now. Waiting to hear if I’m good to go on this path or if I have to begin making moves to initiate some other, as yet mostly unknown, path. I’m not a foolish girl, I know that I should be prepared for anything, but I want this so badly. I want to be able to travel the world and help kids. I want this opportunity.

If this falls through I guess the first step would be to hide in my closet and lick my wounds for a day and then immediately start applying for graduate programs in the UK. Getting further education in History would make me just about as happy as anything else would. Maybe exploring other awesome travel-the-world-while-helping-society organizations. It’s something to be prepared for, I suppose, but I continue to hope for the best. I’m not crazy, I’m quite bright, and I’m trying really hard. Hopefully they’ll be able to see all of that when they review my application. And then they can send me wherever they need me. Africa, Eastern Europe, anywhere they like!

So, finally, to top off the nerve wracking emails and exchanges, one of the placement people had this little gem at the bottom of his email:

“Once you submit your updated materials it may take some time before you hear from your Placement Specialist regarding the final evaluation of your application materials.  You will receive notification as soon as you are qualified for service.  Please note that an invitation is contingent upon both your medical clearance and your final suitability review.  Your Placement Specialist will be in touch about a possible invitation to serve in the weeks following this qualification.  Please keep in mind that the application process is a competitive one, and we encourage you to take this waiting time to continue to gain additional experience relevant to the program to which you were nominated.  This additional experience will also make you a more valuable resource to your potential future community overseas.  In the case that you are not placed in the program to which you were nominated, your Placement Specialist will do their best to match your skill set to the needs of our host countries in a different program.”

Gee. Thanks. Now I won’t sleep until I hear from you guys. Jussayin.

Oh well, keeping it positive, right?! Plan A is ideal, Plan B is beginning to be set, and Plan C will come next. No matter how this shakes out I’ll be fiiiiiiine.