Holy Happy Dance, Batman!

And that’s the game, kids!

C'mon, guys! Do the HAPPY DANCE!

C’mon, guys! Do the HAPPY DANCE!

So, essentially, I got the job but I haven’t gotten the offer letter yet.

I spoke with my Placement Specialist in DC today. She wanted to ask me more of the same questions I’ve been answering for almost a year now. (So, how do you really feel about the Peace Corps? Two years is a long time, are you sure you’re going to be able to hack it? Aren’t you going to miss your family and friends? Etc etc etc) Lucky for me, I spend a lot of my job befriending people over the phone, so I practically oozed charm in every way I’ve been practicing for ages. Looks like it worked! She said that she has qualified me for placement and that she will begin looking for a good match for me. What exactly does that mean? What’s the bottom line here?


She’s hoping to get back to me within the next two weeks with an invitation package. That will have all of the pertinent details like where I’m going and when and what my exact job description will be. She said that it’s entirely possible that I’m still going somewhere in Eastern Europe but not the hold her to it. It’s also almost certain I will be in the Spring departure time. As early as March but we won’t know more about a date until she sends me the invitation package.

I swear to you I got off the phone today and I was flushed, bright red and near tears. (tears of joy, don’t worry)

Most of the people I’ve told today have been full of certainty and “I knew that would happen”s. Truth of the matter is, I didn’t. Call me superstitious or paranoid, but I’m even a little concerned with saying I got in without the letter in hand. As though saying it out loud will make it fall to pieces. Silly, I know, but you’re talking to a girl who still wishes on stars. Jussayin.

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