Do that thing you do.

Little miss adorable herself.

Little miss adorable herself.

Let me start this entry by saying, I really don’t have much to say. Most of my pictures this week are courtesy of my small human friend, Noreen. I did not go to a waterfall, I did not climb a mountain. I switched my malaria meds this week so you can expect lots of sunburned pictures in the future.

I mentioned this briefly on the book of face but I think it’s worth reiterating here. We had a training session last week that featured a current PCV (as many do) and she said something that really stuck with me. When asked what made her happiest at site, she responded “When I feel like it’s been a normal day. When I feel like I’m just living my life.” It may not seem like much at first when you read it. You may think, “But, Margaux, you live your life every day.” Well, yes. Yes, I do. To a very full extent. But here in Indonesia everything is under a microscope. Everything about me. I had a margaux-moment a few days ago when it was raining (as it is wont to do in the “dry” season…). Bu Yanik called to me and when I turned around to respond I fell straight on my rear. Of course. I scraped up my hand but I didn’t really get hurt. No, not even my pride; I’ve fallen far too much in my life to get a bruised ego over something so small. My friends’ families already know. They don’t even live close and they know. I have nigh strangers coming up to me to make sure I’m ok days after the fact. I laugh it off and show them my hand and tell them I’m fine, but at the end of the day everyone knows. All I did was slip and fall. Some days it feels like everything is a song and dance. It’s nice when I have moments, they don’t even have to be full days, but moments of normalcy. Moments of home. Moments of familiar. My step-dad made fun of me for bringing three Eeyores. In your face, Kevin. Those guys are with me every night and thank goodness for it. It’s the little things that seem to matter the most to me here. (Anyone who’s known me longer than 5 minutes can tell you I am a huge fan of little things, being one myself…) I walked to class with my headphones in and the music cranked up to ten. It. Was. Amazing. We were in a group so I didn’t have to worry about saying hello to everyone or getting hit by a motorcycle; I knew my fellow trainees would look out for me. So, I just walked. Not only that, all the buzzing little thoughts that never seem to stop floating about in my head ceased. Just for a brief 20 minute walk, but stop they did. Not only did the buzzing stop but it meant that I really just enjoyed myself. I was walking down a nearly deserted road over rivers and rice patties in Indonesia. It was stunning. That’s all I need. Some people need drunken debauchery in town. Some need a massage. Some need a crazy vacation. I just need a moment of calm. I need a moment I control to do with what I please in exactly the way I please and just like that; batteries fully recharged.

Otherwise life is as normal as normal gets for PST. I’ll be headed to the post office soon to try and send out some post cards. I go to weddings pretty regularly around here. I have no idea how so many people can get married in such rapid succession. I’m making friends with small humans and having odd conversations about my nose. All in all it would seem things are getting to a norm. I can wash my clothes on my own; I can eat almost everything that’s handed to me; I can get to and from my house and school; I can converse in the local language with relative ease.

We find out next week where our permanent sites will be. I’m hoping for West Java and proximity to other volunteers. I’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as I’m able. I don’t think I’m allowed to really post the exact village so you’ll have to hit me up in the private sector to get the mailing address. Until then, my friends, Gaux out.